Mission Statement

The mission of Marijuana Maintenance Recovery is to develop an international community of people who use cannabis as part of their recovery from substance dependence/abuse. We provide support through personal experiences, educational resources and peer support programs, while upholding a culture of
inclusiveness and mutual respect.


Marijuana Maintenance Recovery (MMR) is a group comprised of people with substance-dependence and parties affiliated with, or interested in cannabis substitution as a form of harm-reduction therapy. Our intention is to stay abstinent from, or reduce our use of dangerous substances by using cannabis as a replacement, in accordance with other healthy lifestyle changes.

We provide a public and private support group through an online forum, a MMR Bud Buddy System℠, live phone meetings, a peer-support calling list, and links to educational resources. Live local meetings and a secure chat room will be coming soon!

When starting discussions, we ask all members to follow our guidelines, which can be found here, and to uphold a positive, respectful, and considerate attitude towards all of our members.

Please help us spread the word about our organization, so that we may become a larger community to help those in need! Find our more about our MMR symbol and what it represents here.

*Marijuana Maintenance Recovery is a volunteer support group sharing practical information. This is not a professional or medical organization. The information provided in this group is for informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional care.


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